Motorcycling Across Ohio

In the book's introduction the question is asked: What can Ohio contribute to a discriminating motorcyclist?  The answer is "A Lot!" Everything a motorcyclist dreams of is here. Check it out on Ohio's plentiful two-lane back roads.

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Product Reviews

Road Runner Magazine

(Referring to Motorcycling Across Ohio, Michigan and Indiana books) "All of these books are fun and informative reads."


Great job


I've been looking for this book and found it on Amazon. I live in Ohio and want to have some kind of guide for trips within my own state and this is a very good one.


I've got all of Mr. Murphy's books and really like them. They open up touring places that I would have normally passed by. His tours are detailed and have history on sites along the way. One disappointing thing is his supplied maps are crap. Before you run a run, plot it on a real map, or program it into your GPS. Great for week end runs!

Buckeye HD Rider

I absolutely love this book - I have read it from cover to cover twice. Very descriptive and covers much of the history of our great state of Ohio. It will be in my tour pack for the coming riding season and I plan to take as many of the trips as time permits. Extremely well researched and written.