Grace And Grit: Motorcycles Dispatches From Early Twentieth Century Women Adventurers

In the fascinating decade of discovery and exploration that was the 1910s, several daring American women pursued their dreams of travel and adventure, despite daunting hardships and social roadblocks. This book details the 1915 and 1916 cross-country motorcycling adventures of four of these women; Adeline and Augusta VanBuren, and Effie & Avis Hotchkiss. In less detail it also delves into the lives of several other young women of the same era as they pursued their own dreams of adventure in cars and planes.

Read the entire factual stories of these marvelous women. No embellishment of their achievements is necessary. The facts of what they did stand for themselves and tell the story of courage, adventure and a contagious can-do attitude. A century later these women stand as wonderful role models for a new generation of young women as they carve their own journeys and adventures through life.

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I am a motorcycle chick and I really enjoyed the stories of these tough, amazing and inspiring women. I think any motorcycle rider would appreciate these tales. HIGHLY recommend it's a great read.


I really enjoyed reading about these amazing, adventurous women. At a time when very few women were even riding motorcycles, these women took them across the country! I can't even imagine what that was like. This book is very well written and captures the spirit these fearless women had. Great book!


A fun read about real women. I've hung on behind my boyfriend riding a motorcycle on modern roads so I have a vague idea of the exhilaration those ladies felt. Murphy's research makes them and their times come alive. I passed the book on to my daughter who rides a motorcycle. I think it's important for today's young women to know the stores of those who paved the way on dirt roads a hundred years ago.


Well researched and well written. If you ever wondered what America was like before there were highways and interstates, this is the book to read. William Murphy reveals a lesser known part of American history through the adventures of courageous women motorcyclists who dared to follow their dreams. I loved the book so much I bought a copy for my granddaughter.


The research done for this book seemed in-depth & the author told the women's stories with humor & sympathy. Many Kindle books with pictures are disappointing but the vintage photos in this book show up well. I enjoyed their addition to the narrative & recommend the book, especially for women like me, who make solo rides across the country.