Motorcycling Across Wisconsin

Wisconsin motorcyclists are indeed fortunate to live in a state that offers such scenic beauty, great destinations, and fabulous scenic blacktop to link it all together. MCXWI details nineteen backroads adventures, from fun day outings to multi-day excursions, taking in all of Wisconsin's charms. The book is based on the two-wheeled concept that it is the road, not simple destinations or goals, that entices the rider. A great motorcycling road is one with heart, soul and spirit. It twists and turns, climbs and dips, and excites the soul rather than deaden the senses like so many modern efficient highways do. And Wisconsin has thousands of miles of these fabulous roads connecting hundreds of sites of fascinating cultural and natural history to explore.

Whether you're a Badger State native or a visitor keen on enjoying its motorcycling charms, this book will open the door and offer a pass to the best of Wisconsin.

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