Ride Michigan: A Guide for the Backroads.

Ride Michigan is a guide to backroads motorcycling in the beautiful state of Michigan. Thirty-four detailed excursions for two-wheeled explorers are detailed, ranging from enjoyable day outings to multi-day trips. The common factors throughout the book include scenic and enjoyable pavement seemingly custom-made for motorcycles and great destinations that highlight Michigan's natural and cultural history. Additional chapters delve into motorcycling philosophy, safe riding, and desirable destinations to perhaps plan your own trips around.

The book is divided into four geographic categories, The North Woods, Southern Farmlands, Lakeshores, and the four adjacent Great Lakes. It is by far the most comprehensive book about motorcycle touring in Michigan that exists.

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I'm thrilled with this touring book. Not only does it give you routes and mileage, it give you a ton of information you'll need along the route. Fabulous for anyone who wants to ride the roads in this wonderful state. Includes the famous route around Lake Superior that goes through Minnesota, Ontario, the UP of Michigan and Wisconsin. We're doing a week long ride through from Mackinaw up to the Keewanaw Peninsula's Copper Harbor in 2 weeks. I'm so happy I decided to make this purchase before we went. It's got all the country road routes we're interested in riding. I see they have other "Motorcycling Across.( state name)......" books at Amazon, and If we ever travel in those states, I'll be buying them for sure. You wont be disappointed in this tour/guide/map book


Mr. Murphy's book gives great routes. As a beginner enthusiast, I bought this book and have used it over the last 3 years to plan many rides. The history and advice on stops for meals and sight seeing are great as well. His books are enjoyable to read and I find myself going back to reread them. I now own his Ohio and Wisconsin books. I wish he had one for Ontario.


Great book very informative


Perfect book to explore Michigan. Filled with well written examples of circle day trips highlighting a unique aspect of each trip!