Not For God and Country (paperback)

NOT FOR GOD AND COUNTRY is a true and definitive war story written by a decorated Marine who survived some of the harshest combat of the long, cruel Vietnam War. Learn why young Americans were sent to fight and die in a distant land because of decisions made before most of them were born. Experience the daily physical and emotional battles faced as an unlikely mix of young Marines are turned into battle-hardened brothers and heroes in the unforgiving reality of nontraditional insurgent warfare. The only friend these soldiers had was the nineteen-year-old next to them in the monsoon-soaked jungle 10,000 miles away from a forgotten home. They hated the war, and yet it became the focal point of their lives, forever changing them for better or worse. Back on American soil, they found no welcoming or appreciative country or the peace they so badly wanted. The bullets might have quit flying, but new struggles—PTSD, lingering wounds, social abandonment, and the effects of Agent Orange—took their place.

William M. Murphy is the author of six touring guides of the American Great Lakes region and a nonfiction history book about several American female adventurists. He has published in several magazines, including Michigan History, Rider Magazine, and articles in environmental and law enforcement journals, and has spoken at many libraries, schools, and other venues regarding his books and the realm of environmental law. He appeared as a panel member on the Lansing Historical Society’s exhibition and display of Vietnam War artifacts, and on the Michigan State University public TV station’s seminar regarding the Vietnam War.

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Patrick, 1st Lt.

Not For God and Country

Murphy did not waste time getting into his very accurate description of the combat conditions in the jungle groundcover of the Vietnam Way. The heat, pungent odors, heavy sweating, monsoon rains and the bullets passing overhead but so close that their heat could be felt as they went past. We were fighting for our fellow soldiers who became brothers to us very quickly and were closer to us than some of our own family members. Our combat experiences come back to us almost every night in our dreams. This book brings back those memories vividly. It is an excellent read for US military veterans who dare follow along without getting too deeply back into our experiences, and it vividly portrays real combat situations. It is realistic, graphic, powerful, and absolutely intense.

Louis, Lt. Col (ret)

Not For God and Country

Bill Murphy provides an intensely personal account of his combat tour in Vietnam. He brings the reader into the world of an infantry grunt, a close up view of serving on the front lines of an unconventional war. Murphy’s gift is providing a succinct overview of the bigger themes of the war at the same time he describes the tension of being the pointman on a jungle patrol. He provides a context to the entire conflict without taking away from his experience. As an infantry officer commissioned just after the Vietnam War, I was taught and mentored by Vietnam veterans, office and non-commissioned officers alike. They were tested on the battlefield and shared their lessons always with the purpose of making us better soldiers. I got the same feeling from reading “Not For God and Country.” As Murphy says in his forward it is important to remember all the men and woman who served in that conflict.

George, Colonel

Not For God and Country

A masterfully written firsthand account of a courageous Marine who experienced the most horrific hell of the Vietnam war. The author puts you right there with him as he experiences the danger of snaking his way through an enemy infested jungle not knowing if his life would be snuffed out at any moment by a booby trap or a sniper. This story is a captivating, hair-raising chronicle of the suffering endured by our brave fighting men in Vietnam. It starts with the political maneuverings that led our country into a quagmire that turned a former friend into a determined enemy. Interesting statistics about the war are cited throughout the story making it a valuable reference for current and future generations. It is a must read for every history student in America; and it deserves wide readership by all who value their freedoms and who believe that sending American soldiers to war should not be the answer to political ineptitude. Once I started reading this story, I could not stop until the

James, Medic

Not For God and Country

Grunts who experienced the grueling combat of Vietnam will relate to every step detailed in William Murphy’s powerful account of an infantryman’s tour in America’s controversial war. From the booby traps and ambushes, to facing a determined enemy in an unfamiliar culture and terrain, it resonates and brings back memories. More importantly, it gives the reader who has not experienced the Vietnam War a glimpse into what it was like for those Marines and Army soldiers—the grunts—who bore the brunt of the fighting. Not for God and Country is a compelling read from start to finish.

Bill, USMC General, ret.

Not For God and Country

Bill Murphy has captured the essence of a young Marine infantryman coming of age in a war zone. He and his brother Marines must rely on each other to stay alive for 13 months in order to return home again. His story of survival during 1968, the bloodiest year of the Vietnam war, will no doubt shock many who have never been exposed to combat. The author has researched and provided a wonderful history and background surrounding the Vietnam conflict to include the politics that dictated the outcome. All in all, this book is a compelling read.

Daniel, Corpsman

Not For God and Couintry

“Wow! I fully enjoyed Murphy’s well-articulated educational first-hand account. This book is a must read for military and US history.”